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Nock nock art, the “nock” sounds similar to the catchy sound of “knock” when people knock on the door. To kick start the art event with a minimal and aesthetic interior design or mixed media installation kind of situation by entering red lights and a few curtains suspending.

There are different forms of art involving paintings, photography, sculptures, mixed media art installation, a serve of drinks, and DJ music. But what makes the art event fun, living, connecting, and different is…

Presence of artists: Intimate convos about artworks

Artists are at their booths most of the time. They are friendly, welcoming, and openly talked about their aesthetic practices, and stories. Three of the artists at the event I have initial conversations with are inspiring.

If you are interested to know the insightful and fruitful side of an individual artist or their becoming story…….

The sculptor has a young soul and tries to cheer up others through her playful and colorful artworks about readymade. 

The mixed media and conceptual artist have given in creativity fully to handcraft his creative ideas after working in the kitchen and hospitality for many years.

The mixed media artist used to a different profession and she was determined to pursue her passion for art recently. 

Highlight of the event: runway show for the art pieces

A mini runway displaying contemporary artworks was something unique and it has made the art event stands out from the crowds. Models who are in artistic outfits showcase the piece in their hands while walking the aisle.

Thank you for reading.

Address of the NockNock art event: De Hallen Kinkerstraat 24, 1053 RT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Admission is required at the door or advance online payment | Event takes place at different addresses each time.

Follow Instagram @angelaleetheart for art inspiration or for more of their host of art events in Amsterdam. 

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