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how to make your gallery experience fun / part 1

If you’d say “Art is not for me.” “I am not an artsy person.” You may be interested in exploring ways to make your gallery experience fun or maybe inspire you somehow. Rather than the feeling of having such something to do over boredom. 

By yourself

I assume there are not many people like me that I have to go gallery on my own to create art content and to provide my honest opinions when it comes to art buying service other than being an art enthusiast.

So, there is a high chance that you just want to fill in the gap before your next plan of the day, and it narrows down gallery could be something spontaneous. 

1st step: Be open-minded

It is a good start when it comes to being spontaneous. Bear in mind that there are different approaches in the art world, and the exhibiting art pieces may not be your preference. Don’t worry. It usually has a warning sign outside if the exhibition is controversial which may cost people discomfort or even age restriction. Otherwise your taste of art. But, you would not know until you find out yourself.

Decision to make: Walk in & judge later / leave & find alternative exhibition which is more suited. 

There are some galleries free to visit in town. Make that decision quickly, so that we can carry on the game.

Either way, the following ideas apply.

2nd step: Be curious & connect with the artwork

Be in the presence of the gallery space and try to connect you and the artwork by gazing, which means leaving the description the last.

Connect the artwork with your inner mind
how ???

Firstly, you can maintain an appropriate distance (1 meter) from the artwork, then ask yourself questions.

  • > What attracts you at first sight?
  • > What does the symbol on the artwork mean to you?
  • > Can you relate to the artwork?
  • > Does the artwork remind you of something in your life?

Then, stand further from the artwork until you get the full sight.

  • > How does it make you feel in general? Positive/negative/neutral/nothing
  • > What does the use of colours make you feel? Big contrast, neutral, good or bad weird of combination
  • > What are the things you noticed with how the light hits?

Follow by, stand the closet you could to the artwork.

  • > What is the artwork made of? Layering up with materials, painting, drawing, spraying, brushing, taping, etc.
  • > What materials are used? Watercolour, ink, oil paints, acrylic paints, oil pastel, soft pastel, resin, soil, paper, etc.
  • > What do you notice from the sides and in the middle? Any details you were missing earlier?
  • > What is the surface? canvas, wood, metal?
  • > Is it a rough or smooth surface?

Practice connecting on every piece you see or selectively. Avoid having judgemental thoughts. Be free on whatever comes to your mind during the connecting process.

3rd step: be inspired by additional info

You can look into the description for insightful information about the artwork, or a little story behind it.  

Also, to find out if your guesses of materials were right, and how you perceive differently from the artist’s perspective or creative approach. 

final step: if you have noticed things in common

If you have fun following through, there is one last thing you could do before exiting the gallery or sharing your opinions to the outside world. Ask yourself what is the one thing you have noticed throughout this solo exhibition or the artworks made by the same artist. It could be the significant art style, concept, structure, or the same symbol except the signature in every piece. 

hope this article inspires you and enriches your next gallery experience.

It is true that a lot of thinking along, and learning about yourself while trying to understand the art world, but it is certainly not a waste of time for a little self-growth section. 

Thank you for reading!

I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

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If you are new to the art world, you may be a bit confused about where or how should you start with, and leads to buying artworks eventually for your home.

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