Fresh gallery runs by young creatives

What is the good age to commit and build on something creative? There may be some negative noises like works by the younger ones won’t be treated seriously and ironically if by older people may be seen as a joke. In fact, age is an irrelevant subject but a matter of mindset.

Rafael, who is the founder of Madart Galleries beside the role of a student and a creative. He was grateful for having the resources to operate a gallery at a young age, and the university has been showing support for his passion project. He works creatively in film and videography. He admired works by Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai and whom he feels inspired in the global film industry. Also, he has credited his mother who is a contemporary art painter for influencing him to pursue art and creativity.

Justin, who runs the gallery in partnership and he is also a student and a creative himself. His major creative is focusing on fashion besides some joint projects in videography with Rafael. 

What is the Madart?

The Madart has playful, free, and steady undertones, which openly work with different forms of creatives. The committees curate works of solo creative or collaborative artists. Also, they are being carefree with the creative(s) they work with whether to add elements or to touch up the ongoing exhibition, and they themselves sometimes feel inspired for the exhibition to create around it. It emerges different possibilities and fun for visitors to re-visit. Besides, there was a special touch of scented candles, incense sticks, and some lifestyle decor to complement the artwork.

Rafael mentioned that they have been mindful of not overloading information about other operational gallery successes around the area in order not to diminish their uniqueness but to bond with creatives and the diversity in creativity.

Justin & Rafael, the owners of the Madart Galleries
Interesting side of the Madart:

Behind the curtain of the exhibition space, it is also an art studio of Rafael’s mother and her paintings.

Current exhibition ( until 30 June 2023 )

It showcases artist Roos Dessing’s paintings and poetry in Dutch which works as descriptions on the side of the paintings. The series of abstract mixed media paintings are inspired by human connections from brief to intimate levels involving the stages of strangers, different levels of friendship, and the romantic one. Roos describes it as different layers in us, and there are applied meanings of her choice of colors, white represents her as a subject, and black represents her vulnerability. White, black, or grey pigments are heavily used throughout her practices as the medium of epoxy, sharpie pen, and some hints of blue, pink, gold, and green. Her painting style is full of texture

Unexpected info about the artist:

Roos didn’t study fine art in her academic years but used to work in design. She has rich traveling experience and lived in Spain for a short period of time. Until recent years in her mid-twenties, she feel inspired and decided to commit her true desire to pursuing art and creativity, and she is now based in Amsterdam.

Last note: Have the courage to test your creative idea at any age

Anytime you feel inspired and passionate about creativity is the right timing. Be determined to commit, and let it flow through. It is true that you may encounter some challenges, which are healthy, and be ready to grow from them. Enjoy the process and be consistent.

Thank you for reading.

Madart Galleries address: Alexander Boersstraat 33, Amsterdam, The Netherlands |  Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 1400 to 1800, Sunday 1200 to 1600

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