To all customers, please read the following terms and conditions properly before proceeding to payment. You MUST first acknowledge and agree on all the terms and conditions listed below and understand that this website owner ( reserves the right of legal action regarding any violence of the use of the image(s) or against the terms in any circumstance. Besides, the website owner has the right to adjust or to change the terms and conditions at any time and immediately valid from the date of publication without giving any notice but the date of updated would be shown for your reference.

Updated on 24 November 2020


For prints,

  1. Print(s) you purchase, can display in a private property only.
  2. Print(s) you purchase is prohibited to use for any commercial matter, either by you or a third-party, which means any commercial regarding action like re-selling on any platforms including virtual (online) or physical store, re-producing the print(s) or transferring the print(s) into any digital format or using the print(s) for promoting your businesses.

    Displaying the print(s) in a public area where leads to a profit-making are prohibited unless there is a proof of consent, for example, a valid written agreement signed by both parties, the customer (you) and the official print(s) seller (owner of and it has to be released by a recognized law firms company beforehand.

  3. If the customers wish to give away the purchased print(s) as gift(s) to another person, it is still subjected to the terms and conditions listed on this page, and it is applied to both the customers and the person who is gifted.

  4. The matter of paper affects the vibe of print(s) generated in reality. Characteristics of the paper choices are provided along with the product description for your reference. Customers are also welcome to consult us for paper selection before placing print(s) order. Customers are responsible for any decision on order(s) or any regards.

    Please note that customers responsible for maintaining the print(s) on its(their) best presentation. We don’t accept refund or exchange for any miss-treat caused damage(s) by the customers.

    Please note that the print(s) will fade out naturally, we don’t accept this to be a reason for a mean of return, exchange or refund. We highly recommend customers following the Care Instruction that helps the print(s) last relatively longer. Also, you are welcomed to contact us for caring print(s) advice.

For Digital downloads (digital artwork & stock image),

  1. By purchasing, it has given the customer a right to download the relevant image(s) for PERSONAL USE only and the right of use depends on the type of (Standard or Premium) License the customer purchase, with NEITHER the aim of making a profit out of the purchased image(s) NOR downloadable by third-party to use.

    For customer who purchases a Standard License (right of use), you can use the image as supporting material to school assignment or project, as use of wallpaper on your personal laptop, computer, mobile phone and or any personal device, or for any personal use of the image in a digital form.

    For customer who purchases a Premium License (right of use), you can have all the rights of what a Standard License offer and an additional offer to print the image yourself ONCE if you wish. We recommend it to be printed base on its original sizing and the image achieves the best quality on an A3 or smaller size of paper. We don’t recommend letting the image be printed bottomless which bases on a fit of paper since certain details might get cropped off. With this License of customers responsible for their own printing.

  2. Each image can be downloaded once only on each purchase of the right of use, and the .
  3. Each purchased image is NOT transferable of the right of use or use of a third-party.
  4. The downloaded image(s) can NOT be re-published in any form other than the use of supporting any individual academic written assignment or non-profit presentation under 30 audiences.
  5. The copyright of all Digital products sale on this platform belongs to the photographer, the creator and the shop owner at all times, if not, it would be specified on the individual product description section. 
  6. If the customers wish to use the image(s) for a commercial reason, which is anything related to profit-making by using the downloaded image(s) or displaying the image(s) for any commercial reasons on any public platforms including a printed form or a virtual form, which covers your social media or personal website, please contact us for a quotation regarding the use of relevant image(s).
  7. If the customers wish to give away the purchased digital image as gift(s) to another person, it is still subjected to the terms and conditions listed on this page, and it is applied to both the customers and the person who is gifted. Besides, the gifted image(s) must not be used before.

    If you have any problems regarding digital downloads after purchasing, please contact us as soon as possible with evidence (e.g. screenshot images of the issue). You will be advised with the best solution in your case. Please note that we can only offer a refund if the downloading issue can not be resolved, and the refund amount refers to the date you purchased with a verified digital receipt.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for certain reasons including but not limited to product or service availability, errors in the description or price of the product or service, error in your order, or other reasons.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if fraud or an unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected.


We try our best to bring colours of the product(s) as close as in reality. However, due to calibration differences between computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones, etc, colors of the prints on our online store may look slightly different than in reality. All the online product images (involving digital downloads and print sale) are for reference only. We don’t accept refunds, exchanges or refunds for any colour matter unless it is a significantly poor colour difference. 


We dispatch all orders of print(s) within 3 to 5 business days.

Estimated delivery times:
Hong Kong: 2 to 3 business days
United Kingdom: 2 to 3 business days
Europe: 2 to 3 business days
United State of America: 3 to 10 business days

Please note that you are responsible for providing accurate and relevant information, and shipping details when placing orders. We don’t offer to resend items once it is dispatched or to refund because of invalid information you provide. Please contact us if the shipping details you provide were incorrect, we can only adjust it before the products are dispatched. Customers are responsible for the additional costs (Price of re-purchase product(s) and Cost of delivery cost) if you wish for re-sending items.

The delivery service we select is either a significant local postal company in your country or trustworthy international Express courier service (current selection: DHL).

Damaged delivery

We do our best to pack your orders with safe and secure protection for shipping. If there are any incidents of on-arrival damages, please contact us as soon as possible attaching photos of the damaged postal package and the print(s) situation with the relevant order details, we will investigate for you with the relevant postal or courier companies. Please note that responsibility of careless or poor handling during delivery belongs to the third-party service: the postal or courier companies. Refund or exchange is not applicable to any regard cases. However, we would see what can we offer from our part.

Delayed delivery

We dedicate to dispatch your orders within the expected time unless an additional notice would be given. However, the delivery service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the third-party: relevant postal company or courier, also it is subjected to uncertain and unexpected situations.

If your order did not arrive within the expected period, please contact us immediately with your order details and we will investigate for you with the postal company or the courier, the third-party service. And we will inform you of the updated delivery details. We don’t accept any refund or exchange regarding delayed delivery, in which the responsibility belongs to the third-party.

Returns, Exchanges or Refunds

Please contact us via email named of “request for return/exchange/refund and the E-receipt (Invoice) number, with a reason for your case, a proof of the unpleasant product images and attached a soft copy of E-receipt(Invoice), and we will get back to you within 3 business days for feedback. If they were print(s), please only proceed to post the item(s) back when our (review) feedback of relevant product(s) issue fulfilling a mean of being returned, exchanged or refunded in our standard. We reserve the right for refuse to exchange or to refund, or request to return products if the relevant product(s) doesn’t fulfill our criteria, and we reserve the rights for a final decision in case of any dispute.   

Please note that any personalised, customised, commission products, and any product damages caused by the liability of customer(s), unsatisfied colour issue in condition of calibration differences between computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones, etc, digital downloads without any technical issue involved, any misplaced prints of choice and paper selection after the products are dispatched, any mistakes on delivery details were found after products were dispatched, any poor service caused by a third-party, are not accepted to return, exchange, refund in any circumstance.

For those capable cases, Products must be returned in its original condition and in an original undamaged packing or similar protective box and tube. We reserve the right to refuse any returns if they do not fulfill the criteria. Please note that the customer are responsible for the shipping back to us and its cost. Besides, you have 14 days counts from the delivery date to ship back your print(s).


For your reference, any assigned to refund case(s) by us, it takes approximately 1-3 business days to be credited to your bank account, credit card or Paypal account after the refund is proceeded. It is subjected to the handling parties or platforms, and their terms and conditions. The expected fund will be adjusted accordingly without any notice, please contact to your bank, credit card companies and Paypal for more details. You can also send an email to us for a follow up. 


Out of Stock

Our prints are print-on-demand. If your order is placed and we are out of printing resources or any other reasons to produce your order, we will cancel your order manually and you will get a full refund. If you have any questions regarding your order get canceled, please feel free to contact us.

Minor adjustment on orders

We do not accept any canceling order unless the order you placed is “out of stock”. If you have changed your mind on the paper selection or the print design, please contact us within 24 hours and be advised if your request for minor-adjustment can be made or accepted.


If you have any concerns, issues as mentioned above, request of products advice or any business enquiry, please contact us at

Owner of reserves the right for a final decision in case of any dispute at all times.


The copyright of any product(s) including digital download image(s) or print(s) sale on this website or reference images belongs to the website owner/ the creator/ the photographer at all times unless there is a proof of legal written agreement signed by the website owner and the customer/buyer for transferring the copyright of specific images or the image source of print(s).


Your personal information will be treated confidentially, and it will not be shared with any third parties except for shipping purposes or facilitating the completion of purchases.

Thank you for your cooperation and support! I hope you enjoy shopping with us.