Auction concept & its non-biased approach

When we think of the selection for an art auction, it is usually about famous artists. Artists who have invested lots of time in advancing their skills have made a long way in their career success. As they have earned recognition and profitable value in the art world, we may encounter the buying mean in the art industry that may have shifted to the fame of artists and their commercial value.

Deaddarling's auction approach by Dutch artist Hanna Mattes

A Dutch mixed media artist Hanna Mattes, founder of the deaddarlings has introduced an interesting non-biased approach to the art auction industry. Her idea was to shift the focus back to artworks by covering the artist’s initial if there were any so that visitors or art buyers can admire artworks purely by their aesthetic level and build a non-biased connection. 

Artist Hanna Mattes displayed the paper artwork of Deaddarling in hands, and she was so kind to gift a copy.

The selection of works covering different levels of artists and diverse artworks has also empowered less experienced artists to showcase their works, also, added some freshness to the art world involving paintings, mixed media artworks, pencil sketching, photography, and sculptures. Also, it was including found objects, abstract paintings, figurative drawings, etc.

names of the selection shall not be mentioned

Will the name of the artist remain secret? In fact, it will be revealed once the artwork is sold, which brings some exciting elements to the auction. 

Auction set-up by Deaddarlings
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