Hi barbie, readymade art by mature-young soul // Nicolette Benard

As we grow older, we have learned to put down most of the things signified as childish. Children’s toys become something nostalgic that stays in our memories. Maturity is somewhat the society celebrating life being grown-ups. The grown-ups may have put their dreams aside and taken on social responsibility to do life busy. We forget to nurture our inner child or to feed our soul, and we lost track of the meaning of life. But, ……

the mature-young soul: Nicolette Bernard & her aesthetic practices

Nicolette Benard, the Dutch visual artist has a great youthful energy. Her aesthetic practices readymade art using fragments of Barbie dolls and some other mixed media materials. Her sculptural artworks are feminine, funky, and colorful, and it spreads a happy and relaxing vibe that draws attention from people. It has appropriated the Barbie dolls to be more than nostalgic pieces of childhood memories but collectible readymade artworks for aesthetic home display.

Artist Nicolette Benard
Readymade artworks by artist Nicolette Benard
A friendly reminder: sometime we need to let loose, be creative

Take a pause and be mindful of the things around you to truly live life. We can be mature to act on situations and still call out the young soul like Nicolette and her art practices. 

Thank you for reading

If you are around Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nicolette’s studio is in Den Haag, and she is welcoming visitors. You may check her website at www.nicolettebenard.nl

Mark your day for her upcoming event at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam from 1 to 5 November 2023

Follow Instagram @angelaleetheart for art inspiration and @nicolettebenard for more of her collectible designs. 

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