Textual art dream executed by (ex)markerter // Marjanka Jonkers

How much courage does a marketing expert have to change the job role to pursue art? In fact, this is a life topic we need to think of whether our career path is serving our well-being and providing meaning to our life.

Marjanka Jonkers used to work professionally in the marketing field for many years. Until recent years, she has determined to dive into the art world which she feels passionate about.

Minimal textures & lines art concept, considerable elements of light & shadow

Marjanka is a full-time Dutch artist who takes textual paintings and mixed media of epoxy resin into her art practices. Her works are minimal but what makes her style is the texture, line and layering, and the use of different bright colors. Also, she makes light and shadow are considerable factors for the creation.

A friendly reminder: Don’t let the fear of unknown holds you back from pursuing life in a meaning way.
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If you are around Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Marjanka’s studio is in Sint Laurensstraat 7c 1811 KM Alkmaar, by appointment. You may check her website at www.marjankajonkers.com

Mark your day for her upcoming event at the Stockholm Affordable Art Fair from 5 to 8 October 2023 | Amsterdam | Brussels

Follow Instagram @angelaleetheart for art inspiration and @marjankajonkers for more of her artworks. 

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