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Fresh gallery runs by young creatives

What is the good age to commit and build on something creative? There may be some negative noises like works by the younger ones won’t be treated seriously and ironically if by older people may be seen as a joke. In fact, age is an irrelevant subject but a matter

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Is Art Basel worth going to?

Art Basel is one of the biggest event in the art industry. It appeals to galleries around the world to participate given the long establishment. Meanwhile, it attracts international art collector, buyer, trader, enthusiast, students, media worker, and some social butterflies who creates voice for the event or wanted to

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13 contemporary artists of 2021 seasonal discovery

There are many artists around the world showing their creative talent through different medium such as painting, drawing, sculpture making, installation, mixed media and etc. With an aim to share our discovery of living artists who are either famous or arising for your inspiration in different lifestyle matter. In the

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Addressing UFOs & colours to re-present the TABOO

Waiting for the UFOs by Polly Apfelbaum (a space set between a landscape & a bunch of flowers) Documented on 2 October 2018 | Ikon Gallery Birmingham Polly Apfelbaum, an American contemporary visual artist who was born in 1955 and she has defined colourful artworks and especially known for drawings,

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Unexpected artsy Oslo: modern to contemporary part 1

Traditional gallery Most visitors go to national galleries or the main galleries for embracing “artistic” and for some to sound “cooler” on associating the art world or to have seen artworks by famous artists. Although some of the visitors are not that “artsy” in heart, they must have known some

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