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13 contemporary artists of 2021 seasonal discovery

There are many artists around the world showing their creative talent through different medium such as painting, drawing, sculpture making, installation, mixed media and etc. With an aim to share our discovery of living artists who are either famous or arising for your inspiration in different lifestyle matter. In the first season of 2021, we have selected 13 contemporary living artists on instagram.

1. Agnes Grochulska

Grochulska is a polish contemporary painter, who engages with oil painting the most other than charcoal drawing. Base on the post reference selected from her instagram account is shown as below, it is noticeable that her works involve figuration mainly. Her portrait painting style is in a mixture of heavy pattern in the background, rough painting on the skin and facial area of the model and plain painted clothes to create a healthy tension, which draws attention back to the model. To know more about the artist, please click here.


2. Alice Grenier Nebout

Nebout is a French-Canadian contemporary painter, and her works combine figuration and the use of symbolism and illusion, in reference to classicism and transgression. An example of her significant spooky painting style as the post reference below shows that the application of romantic illustrated technique and abstract flat colour tints and the combination makes an interesting scene. To know more the artist, please click here.


3. Kevin Bolliet

Bolliet is a French contemporary painter and artist, who is also known for his illustration digital art. His works are usually bright and colourful. However, the drastic colour contrast did not lead to a negative end but surprisingly creates an interesting effect to the artwork and draws the attention back to the subject. His artworks can be  reference to Cubism, Surrealism, Figurative, Symbolism, Abstract, Expressionism, Impressionism and Pop art. To know more about the artist, please click here.


4. Evgenia Makarova

Makarova is a Russian artist, whose artworks involve painting, drawing, and the use of mixed media. She is significant for modern and calligraphy art, and it associates with Abstract and Expressionism. Worth to highlight that she is good on re-presenting her emotion journey through the construction of colour, shape and the texture along art creation. To know more about the artist, please click here.


5. Evgeny Lushpin

Lushpin is a Russian painter, who has earned a great reputation on oil painting especially landscape and cityscape in reference of realism. He managed to use rich tones of different colour and finely play with the light and dark shades, which has enriched details in a subtle way for his artworks. To know more the artist, please click here.


6. Kristjana Williams

Williams is an Icelandic artist and designer, who is actively engaging with mixed media creation in reference of realism and surrealism. Also, she is known for the combination of exotic botanicals and vibrant animals in her art creation. To know more about the artist, please click here.


7. Lily Stockman

Stockman is an American painter, who is known for her abstract painting and in reference of minimalism which upside-down U concept is her signature and there are many variation of it can be seen in a similar use of flat colour tints. To know more about the artist, please click here.


8. Lionel Smit

Smit is a South-African painter and sculptor, who is known for figurative art. Abstract lines of solid flat colour blushing through as a base and overlaid colours with rough realistic painting of a semi-finished portrait is his signature that celebrates the incompletion as an end. To know more about the artist, please click here.


9. Lucho Castro

Castro is a Costa Rican artist, who also works as an Art director and a video producer. His artworks mainly involve figurative and surrealism. Base on source of information reveals that his art is “a mixture of nonconformity and self-reflextion”. To know more about the artist, please click here (Please note that the content is only available in Spanish).


10. Michelle Avery Konczyk

Konczyk is an American painter who has great reputation of watercolour painting. Her artworks are highly associating with figurative, realism, surrealism and expressionism. The elements of hands and ghosts, and the subtle re-presentation of absence and pain can be seen in different variation of her significant works which embraces with the dark concept. Her pieces are incredibly detailed, the use of colours and shades are so fine. To know more about the artist, please click here.


11. Sari Shryack

Shryack is an American painter in specific of acrylic painting, who defines her artworks as “Colour abstraction” and embraces the concept of uncertainty and hope, and its conflicting sensations. Her works are mainly about still life and landscape, and base on the source of inspiration around her city to develop variation of them in term of their shapes and colours. To know more about the artist, please click here.


12. Stephanie Poppe

Poppe is a French contemporary artist, who responsible for mixed media art creation involving embroidery and painting as her signature in reference of abstract art and minimalism, and modern art. As suggested, she aims to embrace the concept of patience, balance and harmony in her artworks. To know more about the artist, please click here.


13. Yishai Ashirie

Ashirie is an Israelis painter and Illustrator, who uses watercolour, oil and acrylic, pro-markers, ink and pencil or a mixture of the mentioned tools for his art creation. His artworks involve figurative, cubism, abstract art and surrealism. Also, he is known for leaving blank space with a neat pattern on the front to create an illusion for covering the main content partially on the back, which is similar as the art post reference below. To know more about the artist, please click here.

Thank you for reading. What do you think of the listed artists? Have you feel inspired by their art pieces? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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