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Collectible art: Power of plays with threads & found objects

Chiharu Shiota is a Japanese contemporary artist who is based in Berlin, Germany. She is known for her immersive installations. She took credit to her personal experiences as inspiration to create artworks exploring relationships between the body, memory, life, and death.  

28 November 2018 to 19 January 2019 | Blain Southern, London

Me Somewhere Else 2018

Me Somewhere Else

Documented on 11 January 2019

First impression

The lead installation Me Somewhere Else caught our attention upon arrival. It was a large-scale of red weaving web installed, the size and color are dominant yet powerful. It has taken most of the ceiling, like the shape of radar, threads were suspending and narrowing it down like a cone to the pair of feet sculpture. There were lights placed around in a random order, which has given the installation more textual and enlarged its dimension by projecting shadows on four sides of the walls.

In the second room, there were artworks made with found objects, corresponding weaving techniques, and the use of black or significant red threads. The cluttering and weaving concept has somehow given me an impression of habitat association to spider or caterpillar, one to have insects trapped in relation to death and another is personal growth in relation to life. What shares in common between the two habitats is the life cycle. How do you feel about it?

In fact, Shiota’s idea was more in-depth and mindful playing with symbolic meanings through objects.


Intimate thoughts of Shiota about the works:

In comparison to my perspective on the creative concept, the way of Shiota approached, is more intimate about her fascination with body, memory, life, and death.

Symbolic meaning

Questions about the relationship between the human body and mind can be complex, which interests Shiota to examine the surreal idea of human consciousness and our body existing independently. She took reference to neurons firing and our body reflecting on our conscious decision. Weaving signified the complex neurons firing system.

Cultural context

In traditional Asian culture, the color red is associated with happiness or celebration. Appropriation to the concept for the exhibition, it could be signified human blood or warmth connection. On the other hand, the color white is associated with the death ceremony. To apply to the concept, it is understandably signified death for the white objects.

State of Being (Dress) 2018 | Materials: Metal frame, thread, white dress
State of Being 2018 | Materials: Metal frame, thread
State of Being (Travel Guide) 2018 | Materials: Aluminum frame, thread, travel guide
Sculpture in the Hand 2018 | Materials: Bronze, brass wire

Additional info

Shiota has a strong interest in psychogeography, exploring between psyche and space. She mentioned teacher Marina Abramovic who has played an important role in influencing her art formation. Also, she has been hugely inspired by Christian Boltanski‘s work for some of her later installed works. 


Auction house features:

Shiota’s work was featured on China Guardian Hong Kong 2021 autumn auction, an highlight preview of Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art. 

State of Being (Memory) 2020 | Materials: Red thread, metal frame, book, photographs sculpture

An estimated value of HK$ 350,000 – 550,000 ( US$ 45,000 – 70,700 ). 

It was acquired by a present important Asian collector from Galerie Templon Paris.

If you are interested to introduce Shiota’s work to your collection for home display, you shall arrange a high-ceiling room for large-scale works. It deserves your full attention. 

Thank you for reading

We appreciate your thoughts regarding her works, please do not be shy to share them in the comment section below. 

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