Art Basel is one of the biggest event in the art industry. It appeals to galleries around the world to participate given the long establishment. Meanwhile, it attracts international art collector, buyer, trader, enthusiast, students, media worker, and some social butterflies who creates voice for the event or wanted to be seen.

Dollar sign 1981 by Andy Warhol

Ticket range from about £50 to £200, and it is required to order in advance.

For the event which has recently taken place in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), I think the team has done a good job on organising and smart to have pre-sale tickets for admission only. Also, the instruction were pretty clear number of assistants at the venue and for scanning the tickets, and there were entrances for separating public and VIPs access.

Expectation and reality

(!!! Warning: It was crowded.)

The Vector 2022 by David Altmejd (b.1974)

Speaking about art experience, it may sound harsh but I expected good quality at all courses. There were showcasing variety of artworks, and some of them were impressive. However, it was way too crowded than I expected it to be, and it has drastically decreased my overall experience as it was too noisy to admire art. The busy environment can relate to some food stalls or big celebration of festivals. If that is what you looked for, that is fine. If you hope to make connection or to have generous conversations with the artists to understand their perspectives on the art making, it or any uses galleries as medium may not be a good place for you. I would suggest some smaller events like local art fairs, you may discover some good works from underrated or young artists. Just be warned and know what to expect. 

To sum up, a large art event like this is purely commercial, and the core value is to sell and collect. It is more affordable comparing to auction house.

A bonus of the event was an unexpected artist talk section, which allows public access.


You get to appreciate works of the big names, artists who have well established path in the industry or well known artists around the world. The skills of the displaying works are usually more refined. Besides, you may have better resources from art advisors and professional background information about the artworks and artists and lead to more successful shopping. 


You may be distracted by crowds or feel overwhelmed by noises around. The prices are usually covering premium service fee such as agencies or operational cost of the galleries before the value goes to the artist.

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