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Exclusive art concept: vulnerability & uplifting thoughts by Dutch artist Emmy Koos

When someone or something tugs at our heartstrings, that is the moment we feel inspired. Often creatives see art as a medium to share their sensitivity, or to get their emotions out in the style of works that is intimate yet subtle. Creative people are usually the sensitive ones, and there are myths about artists suffering from mental health issues.

Intimate art concept installed by Dutch artist Emmy koos

The Dutch mixed media and performance artist Emmy Koos shared in the video exclusively about her installation. She has given reference to her depression history as part of the art concept. She has mixed media of work installed, an introductory stuffed black dummy on the floor who is representing herself, and there are many found-object stones laid on top of it with hand-written negative phrases. She, herself as a performance artist dressed in black somewhat almost identical to the dummy, and tied a number of helium balloons with hand-written positive phrases.

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Self awareness is a choice

Emmy shared of her self-awareness from personal experience. She addressed the powerful art concept of inner processing negativity to positivity through the mixed media installation, what is empowering and encouraging to people who suffers mental health issue about the inner power and mindset shifting.

fun fact of the art space

The venue is in fact a regular office space where the owner offered to transform pop-up art during that weekend.

A friendly reminder: Take control of what we can, our mindset matters.
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If you are around Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Emmy’s studio is at Zaanstraat 310, 1013SC Amsterdam, by appointment. You may check her website at

Follow Instagram @angelaleetheart for art inspiration and @emmykoos for more of her artworks. 

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