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Mirroring or illusion, let creativity takeover // Florian Hollander

When aesthetic ideas overtake your work mean, it is time to break through the normal job routine. Take bold action to test out your creative idea, allow time to refine it, and master the skills to deliver the best version of your artwork. Understand quality is always needed quantity.  Re-think what brings your life alive and meaningfully, and this is what the Dutch artist Florian Hollander who used to work in hospitality and kitchen, later made efforts to execute his creative ideas and refine the artworks.  

The fine line between art & practical design

Florian created the project “Osso” to continually pursue his passion for art and practical design. His mixed media and conceptual work is inspired by “optical illusions” and “magic”, he experiments with fine old and new materials involving metals and modern electronics, and handcrafts artwork that people would look twice. People can use it as a practical mirror, at the same time, it adds aesthetic lifestyle value to the space or as a subtle but playful element. Also, it draws people to engage. 

When light and space meet, they create a new dimension. It is there, that we find beauty in the unexpected.

Dutch artist Florian Hollander
A friendly reminder: Don’t settle for less.

It is true that everyone has their bills to pay, and do the jobs that minimised their means. It’s okay to take the long way to find your passion, and have faith in yourself that you will make it one day.

Thank you for reading!

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