Walk In Variations by Bjarne Werner Sørensen

Bjarne Werner Sørensen (b.1960), the Danish-Faroese artist works within several different artistic genres and what all of his works have in common is rhythm, repetition, and variations of shapes, transformations, and movements, which achieves a dynamic interaction between line, shape and surface. The abstract works with restless energy. As a belief of organic association and to stimulate the viewer’s eye through lightness and musicality, also prompting our desire to go on a journey.

9 December 2017 to 4 February 2018 | The Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen


Documented on 6 January 2018

The Panorama exhibition presents a couple of oil paintings and laser-cut PVC works made by Bjarne. Also, some of his earlier graphic work with photos and objects are displayed alongside, which associates with Bjarne’s root in the Faroe Island.

This is an exhibition supported by Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Art Workshops.

Black Matrix and White Matrix, Laser-cut PVC works.

Lithographic series of monoprints

Unique variations of colour and combinations printed by Bjarne Werner Sørensen 1998 at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen.

Matrix (1998)

The board on the side has shown useful information about the works, “In Matrix we experience a close encounter with the logic of nature: shapes that grow, branching into and out of each other. Some are wild and unruly. Others have delicately outlined logical structures. It is the densely growing cell walls of leaves, the hard basalt of the rocky coast. But also soft tufts of moss peeping out, and flimsy, curled up leaf shoots sticking up out of the grassy plains. With 14 basic shapes, Matrix forms a flickering surface of organic systems. Each of the shapes was created on 14 lithographic stones. After methodical processing with saturated Indian ink, acid washes and rolling in the printing ink, each stone was run through the printing press, transferring the motif to the paper. Each of the prints presents a pure basic shape: a grid or a blurred wash, in which the ink has taken to the paper like tree rings. But most of them unite with the lithographic stone motifs in pairs, so the prints grow together in new organic amalgamations. And the movement continues out to the whole. From the individual work, through the prints’ interdependent combinations, Matrix grows into an overwhelming system of growth and organic structure, whose quivering tones from warm yellow to cold lemon pave the way for an unforeseen glimpse into nature.”

Artist Bjarne’s works focus on abstract and pattern. The use of colour as you may see on some of the artworks above are usually made a big contrast to each other, to create a rich content effect making the subject or pattern on each artwork significantly stand out. Therefore, it is able to draw the audience for a longer gaze.

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