Collective artworks in Tate Modern

What is your purpose in going into an art exhibition center? What do you expect from it? What do you want from it? Was it a spontaneous visit or have you planned to go? Did you just have some time to kill or did you aim to see the artworks in real life? Did you have a creative block and hope to get inspired in there? What excites you the most in the art exhibition center? Are you interested in art? Do you have a doubt about it? How passionate are you in the arts? Did you visit with friends, family or alone? What should be the right attitude? The answers are in you, answer for yourself, not for others nor fulfill their expectation. Art is for everyone. Respect all our preferences.

A spontaneous visit to Tate Modern

Tate Modern | Bankside, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom

Documented on 31 December 2017

There are diverse art pieces in Tate Modern covering sculpture, painting, drawing, print, mixed media, short film, and installation. Artists were inspired by nature, humanity or a different area of everyday life events across the world including social conflicts, social status, urban life, politics, and wars. The images and videos below show a different style of presentation involving strong or soft texture, dark sense of humour, sarcasm, exaggeration, imagination, the use of nostalgia element, and futurism.

The article does not include any captions for the images and videos nor to list the title of artworks and names of the artists, which serves the purpose of covering less information. It is aimed to leave a bigger imaginative space for readers. Perhaps he or she can get inspired simply by those overwhelming images and be able to work on their projects.

Thank you for reading. Please comment down below for what do you see and how do you feel about these artworks.

Disclaimer: All images and videos are documented by and use for purely art share purpose to empower the art community and all credited to relevant artists and art galleries. All word content is original by and neither affiliate links nor paid materials involved. 

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