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Feature fine quirky Artist: Erik Thor Sandberg

Based on the definition of Figurative art on the Tate Modern website, it is “a form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure”, ” it can be seen as distinct from modern realism and post-impressionism.”

Artist Mr. Eric Thor Sandberg is featured in the October issue, who is a talented contemporary artist, figurative oil painter and thinker based in Washington, DC. His work is detailed as you can see the selected and representative image form his Instagram page thor_simmer.

An artwork cited from artist Eric Thor Sandberg’s Instagram page

His artwork focuses on figurative painting involving nudity and women’s body. He is good at using different colors with detailed painting skills and combining different objects in the painting, using their symbolic meaning in response to humanity and philosophy of life. Since the use of symbolic elements cooperating with his creative surreal painting style, I believe the audience would have to gaze on the piece for a long time trying to understand and analyze its heavy meaning. It is inspiring.

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