What do you expect to see in a building where the Telegraph (Evening) Coventry was located? Since the Telegraph reduced the size of the company and adjusted its operation style, most of the old facilities were left in their old office building for many years. For educational purpose, it is one of the ways for people to understand more about the publishing history in the old Telegraph. What else can we see? What about the idea of using the space for a pop-up gallery? I was surprised to see some artworks there, which are created by students. It makes the building not just historical, also artistic, by adding some youthful elements, which I thought is an interesting combination.

The Telegraph (Evening) Coventry old site, the CET Building, Corporation Street, Coventry.

The Telegraph leftover

The aged objects

If you are curious what was left in this old newspaper office, there was a way with some signs guiding you along and showing you some information about its operation site, the Telegraph (Evening) Coventry used to be. As that was what I expected in term of having a strong historical vibe, it is worth for many pictures to be taken, especially for a person who likes taking pictures. The following images show some old-fashioned machines, tools, furniture and some office essentials, and some displays of the old newspaper layout design. Those displays are not allowed to touch even though you would have a chance to walk pass by them closely in some parts of the route.

Creative uses / The Pop-up gallery

In the contemporary world, everything you create or the things you choose to put together could be a form of art, and the idea behind matters. Each artwork is created with a soul, which to present the artist’s mind of thinking and creativity. However, the way of interpreting an artwork is something personal, how you feel the artwork is different from how the artist feels in creating it, in a psychological aspect. Also, you may feel the same artwork differently on another day, it depends on your mood or things happened in your recent life. A different lighting, the exhibition atmosphere, space are some of the factors to impress the audience at a different level towards the artwork. Bear in mind, you may understand in a way closer to the concept of creating an artwork if the description is provided by the artist. Each visitor may have a different perspective towards the artwork and a different connection to their life experiences, or to get inspiration out of it.

This pop-up art gallery covers with paintings, mixed media artworks and installation art pieces.


It is interesting to see most paintings are not framed in the pop-up gallery. What I feel impressed that there are multiple artwork styles can be seen, we can see that each artwork is interesting and different from another. Take 2 of the artworks showing below as an example, they share the same theme: portrait painting, a human face is painted in the centre of the sheet and covering the most space. The painter(s) painted them in a different style, the one on of the left is more on an abstract painting side, fragmented facial parts combining into an abstract figure in relation to portrait. Also, it is painted in an unnatural colour: purple and the background is painted in a different fragmented nude tone, which I believe it aims to associate with the portrait theme. The right one is more realistic than the left one, you can clearly see a human face, the facial expression and the hands’ gesture are highly associated with the background: colourful rounded lines. I believe you can see similarities through the 2 paintings but they stand out for themselves.

Figurative paintings of man in two styles

The two images below show the area covering the most painted artworks.

Mixed media

There are different mixed media artworks you can see, for example, a combination of furniture, wood and painted. As the first image below shows a concept of countryside or mountain view is presented through a painted table, putting 4 more painted pieces on it and a box next to them with an inside is painted, and those make a large scale of art, I believe it is a piece of installation art.

Facedown to the giant pieces

The image below shows 3 artworks. The first one from the left, it combines with a different size of painted close up human body images in black and white colour and the combination makes a weird shape. The one in the middle is painted an upper part of a female body on wood in a monotone. There are some little wood pieces are painted in different colours and glued on the surface in a way of spreading out from the female head. The one on the right-hand side, it combines with three painted images which I believe the facial feature are the same, the one on the top is painted the unclearest compare to those two in the bottom. Also, the artwork seems a series of body movement, I think the artwork wanted to present the idea of photo taking and about the use of exposure.

Innovative art pieces

Installation Art

Found objects

The installations below contain a variant of ‘found objects’ in the building. As the 2 images show below, the left-hand side has multiple painted tear-drop shaped objects suspended in the air at various heights, and the right image presents black hats attached on each stick lined up in a row.

Video images and sounds

The images below show the biggest installation of mixed media art within the building. These screenings are related because there is a musician playing the aerophone. There are 3 big screens placed in the darkest area within the textualized open space, where you would be overwhelmed by the intense looped melody, accompanied by the duplicated moving images presented in different time frames.

Parking the installation video art in


Images we see online are usually a form of re-presentation if they are not the originals. The idea of it involves the perspective of the person who is capturing and constructing the presentation through the angles, exposure, lighting, the use of added elements such as people, objects or filters. Besides, capturing images in a selected video time frame(s) or the choice of images to present a particular exhibition. Therefore, the images we see online presents a similar idea of an artwork in real form. Taking pictures is a form of creative practice, the original meaning could be changed or added through the lens. Take a series of images below as an example, there is a person standing in the middle of those images, I believe it is able to draw readers’ attention from the video installation art originally to the connection between the person and the artwork, or the person matters. The vision of I was imagining to capturing these images the way I wanted, I considered about the lighting, dark environment and the water on the ground which makes a reflection of the video images, and I believe it would make an interesting scene if a person is added in the middle, that is the reason I did.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: All images are documented by www.angelalee.co and use for purely art share purpose to empower the art community and all credited to relevant artists and art galleries. It is written by editor of www.angelalee.co and no integrated ads involved.

Special thanks D.H. for a brief co-copywriting of the text.

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