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Dark mirrors & other creative artworks exhibition

The themed exhibition: Cinema 2.0: Dark Mirrors – 6th to 20th March 2018

Hong Kong Arts Centre |  2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Documented on 28 March 2018

The concept of Dark Mirrors

The Dark Mirrors Concept

The “Dark Mirrors” exhibition displays a collection of contemporary artworks, which is made of combing some digital technologies and certain objects to present the relation of human faces and mirrors in today’s society. It is contributed by a group of artists. The artists suggested that “having a face is an integral part of being human”, and the idea of the mirror as a tool and as a symbol of externality is referred to a meaningful discussion about the human faces. As mentioned, soul and spirituality are used to associate with the face, the representation of the self or their inner world. However, the “cultural movements” and “technological advancements” have decreased the original value of the human face. The human face became more like an object for people to consume and people concern more about the reflection of the mirror.

The Artworks

Gorilla with computing English voice

The displays were able to draw my attention as a visitor since they were combining with digital technologies to provide interaction. The themed exhibition started with some blurry human faces, then a short screening of a computing Gorilla image with a computing English voice along.  Leading to some briefs of human facial features pairing with brief information listing on the side of the wall. Interactive artworks such as a digital camera was placed inside a plastic model of human head as a medium for visitors to look into or a sensor was set in the mirror to avoid human look into the mirror, etc. Some artworks needed you to pay attention, there were some sky pictures were presenting the abstract of human faces.

The Comment about the Dark Mirrors

I enjoyed this section of the exhibition. Although space was small, there were decent numbers of artworks displayed. My first impression of the exhibition was depressing because of the grey tone decoration and the atmosphere was quite sad. When I walked around in the exhibition, I thought the artworks were quite interesting, some of the artists made use of technologies creating the interactive element, which makes visitors more connected to the artworks. After I read the description boards about the Dark Mirrors, it makes me understand more about the meaning of the artworks. It was inspiring and has given me a different point of view to see the society, and made me start thinking about the connection between human faces and the idea of mirrors. I agree that the human face has become more like an object for people to consume due to the contemporary social practice, our daily life is highly associated with a mirror. I think it is unhealthy that the human face is losing its mean in the contemporary world. The sad thing is that I didn’t think about the social practice is objectifying the human face before I came visiting this exhibition. It is understandable that we are busy doing what we have been told to survive in reality and we haven’t had a chance to slow down in the progress and to examine the meanings.

Other Sections of Artworks

Screening Things in Slow Motion

Screening of people crossing on the street and a pair of 3D glasses
The shadow of me and the screening of cloud motion

There were some screening of things in slow motion that we wouldn’t usually slow down to look in our daily life such as the sand surface, people are crossing the road and the changing of clouds.

The Spin of a Computing form of Human in an Unusual Angle

Spinning a computing form of human from the top angle

The device shows a computing form of human from the top of the head angle, which is an unusual angle of how we look at others. It was spinning slowly and the human image was following the spin and its shape was changing slightly.

Representation of Noises

Those artworks were representing noises we can hear or create in city life. The first video shows the threads were tied to those speakers, and when speakers vibrate and it leads the threads to move. The second video shows those machines were making different noises and relate to our city life experience.

The Electronic Version of Domino Effect

Passing on the signal with a complex set up

There were many electronic devices were connected together, I think they are used to present the electronic form of Domino Effect. You can press the energy button and it would switch on the green light on the device immediately and continue to the last device if your finger didn’t leave the button.

I think all these contemporary artworks in the other sections are impressive and inspiring. It has offered me a room thinking about those artworks in relation to contemporary society and getting inspired by their looks in term of creativity. I think those artworks represent things in society which are usually being neglected.

Thank you for reading.

Disclaimer: All videos and images are documented by and use for purely art share purpose to empower the art community and all credited to relevant artists and art galleries. It is written by editor of and no integrated ads involved.

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